Why Abortion Should Not Be An Option

Over the years, a portion of society has supported a law in which women are able to decide what to do with their bodies and that includes abortion. But practicing abortion is no different than killing.

It is undeniable that a woman should have the right to decide, but in the case of abortion, that should not be the case for multiple reasons.
First, practicing abortion is synonymous to killing a person. People might disagree with this statement and claim that abortion is practiced at an early stage of the pregnancy, making it OK since the fetus is not fully developed.

The problem is that you’re still killing a living thing that has the potential of becoming a human being. And that doesn’t make it any different than killing someone, which is a crime.

Furthermore, for many people, life begins at conception, meaning the moment the fetus is formed, then it has the right to life.

Supporters of abortion claim that women should have the right to abort the child if conceived through an undesired way, such as rape. Sometimes women are not prepared to take on a responsibility of being a mother, especially when it was not their intention, but there are solutions like adoption.

Abortion should never be an option simply because it was a mistake and the parents want to find the easy way out of the responsibility of parenthood.

Couples or women, who have to make the decision on whether to abort, should be held accountable for their actions, and as a result, should give birth to the child. This should be the case because at the time that the couple decided to have sexual intercourse, they knew of the risk. Yet, they still went ahead. It’s unfair for the innocent child to pay for the actions of his/her parents.

Practicing abortion is also problematic in the sense that it eliminates the potential of future societal contributions of a human being. People might argue that it’s a hypothetical, but it’s a possibilty that has the same chance of being or not being true.

No one knows if God sent a child to have a positive impact on humanity; the world will never know that child’s potential.

One source many people believe in is the Bible. According to its sixth commandment, “Thou shall not kill.”

This commandment is significant because all beings have the same right to live. Whether a fetus or a 40-year-old, no one should judge or determine one’s ability to live.

Claims on how the child was conceived such as “it was a rape,” or “it was a mistake,” should not be taken into consideration because there are solutions such as adoption. So let’s not deny the right to life to an innocent child who has no fault in the mistakes others have made.